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Unusual Thoroughbred Race Horse Names

Humorous names

A Horse Called Man A Little Blotto A Little Dabl Doya
Amanda Huggenkiss Angina Ankle Biter
Apples And Pears Apricot As Good As It Gets

Bad Hair Day Bananas Band Aids
Beer Belly Bob Beer Gut Beetroot
Behind Belly Button Between The Sheets
Birdbrain Blame The Dog Bleep
Bloody Quick Blow Up The Pokies Bottle
Box Of Birds Breadstick Bruce The Horse
Bubble Gum Bucket Of Vyno Buckhead

Cabbage Called It Anything Can't Get On
Catchit Chainsaw Chasin' Sheilas
Chewy On Your Boot Chicken Soup Chickens
Chockers Chocolate Starfish Clock Radio
Close But No Cigar Coffee Beans Come Home Sober
Court Wivya Sister Crabs Crack A Tinny
Crazy For Swayze Crikey Custard

Dead Cat Bounce Dead Eye Dick Dead Set Certainty
Desk Top Lover Dew Buoy Dingo
Dingo's Singing Dirty Dirty Weekend
Do What You Like Doog Tros Donkey Dave
Don't Come Yet Don't Pat The Cat Don't Swing Ned
Don't Tell Mum Dont Tell The Wife Drunk
Dublornothin Duck Muk

Easily Layed Eggs El Fraart (Fraar-Belch)
Elvis Rules Emma Chisit Emu
Eripsni Esroh Etcetera
Exploding Roo Eye Ball

Fairy King Scallop Fatlamp Fax Me Back Jack
Feral Cheryl Ferocious Beast Fish
Fish For Tea Flat Head Foreplay
Fox In The Morning Frog Fruit 'N' Veg
Fungus Furniture

Galloping Grape Gawd Gee Ess Tee
Gee Gee Get Bent Get Over It
Gim Gam Goolie Go And Get Gobbledegook
Go Get Good Thing Go You Good Thing
Gold Tooth Malouf Gorilla Gorilla Got The Chocolates
Grouse Sheila Grumblebum Grumpy

Ha Ha Ha D' Ha Ha Hairy
Hard Drive Headache He Knows The Words
Hello Possums Hello Pumpkin Henry The Fruitbat
Henry the Octopus He's Hot Right Now He's No Pie Eater
Hickeypicker Hoo Ha Hoo Roo
Hoof Footer Hootchy Kootchy Hooter City
Horse Feathers How High Sir How's Your Father
Humphrey Go Cart

I Can't Believe It I Do Thee Wed I Want My Mum
I'm Honor High Inflatable Doll Ink
Insect Instant Noodle Itch
It's A Good Thing It's In The Bible It's Not My Fault
It's Raining Mares It's Thorpedo Gold

Jail Bait Jamaican Odour Johnny Say Sorry
Just A Cuddle Just A Little Bit Just Do It Now
Justsay Sumthink

Kenoath Kevin The Rooster Kiss It Better
Kiss Me Kiss Me Here Kiss The Frog
Kitten Knee Caps Knickers In A Knot

Lace Knickers Left Right Out Leftie Bumblefoot
Legally Blotto Legless Legs
Legsman Lemonade Let Her Rip Hughie
Let Your Hair Down Let's Get Pickled Lies
Light Switch Linda Lush Lips Lion On The Couch
Lizzy Long Legs Lock It In Eddie

Machtig Mihi Panis Made Down Under Made Of Guts
Mapataz Margarine Martian
Maythehorsebewithu Measles Melt The Guns
Missing Jewels (gelding) Miss Thunderstood Monkey Boy
Monkey Each Way Moo Mouldy
Mouthwash Move It Or Lose It My Funny Face
My Tractor Broke

Nadzoff (gelding) Nanna Nap Nickywoop
Nincompoop Nobody No Grey Heirs
Noisy Oyster None For The Road Norman The Foreman
Nosmo King No Ticket No Start Nudist
Nuj Nuj Wink Wink

Off My Facebook Oh Oliver Beer
Onion On The Grog One Sandwich Short
Oobey Goobey Ooh Do It Oops Sorry
Oovii (double Oh 7) Ornithorhynchus Ouch
Out Of This Planet Oxygen Thief Ozioziozi

Pants On Fire Park The Peepers Pat The Horse
Penetrator Perfect Cleavage Picitinone
Pickled Tink Pick Up The Toys Pig On The Spit
Pizza Poke In The Eye Poor Man's Version
Porn Queen Potato Prefer A Merc
Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Picker Pumplechook

Raincoats Raw Prawn Revolting
Richard Cranium Righto Rocks On The Road
Roygbiv (rainbow colours) Rug Rat

Salad Sandwich Save The Whales Scuse Me
Sex Machine Sexy Lady Ship It In
Shrunk In The Wash Sick Of Tax Silent But Deadly
Sister I'm Coming Siri Nelg Smeg
Smut Snog Snowy On The Tram
So Say All Of Us Sotally Tober Spider Bite
Sponge Squid Stage Right Even
Steak And Eggs Strewth Stuff Up
Supermarket Super Shag Surf The Net
Sweet Jugs Sydanee Sydelly

Ta Ta Tatiana Teapot Thank Your Mother
The Ants Pants The Baggy Green The Book Maker
The Cat's Whiskers The Dingo Dunnit The Farm Horse
The Rusty Penguin Thing Thong And Pushbike
Thunderanlightning Tickle The Ivories Tom Likes Beetroot
Toodaloo Tortoise Tramstop
Tramway Trousers Turf Swank
Two Time Tart

Ugogal Umbrella

Very Long Lunch

Was That You Washing Powder Watch Your Ankles
Weekendzoff What Do You Reckon Where's Dad's Cash
Who Killed Kenny Who's My Dad Why The Long Face
Win Dot Com Wooden Swallow Woop Woop
World Wide Web Worships A Drink Wouda Couda Shouda

Ya Big Goose Yabig Sissy Yahoo
Yes No Yes Yes She Can Cancan You Good Thing
You Little Beaut
You Naughty Girl Young Lang Syne You're All On

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Horses named after places

Adelaide Airey's Inlet Albany
Albuquerque Alcatraz Anglesea
Arabia Arlington Arabia
Argentina Ascot Asia
Aspen Atlantis Augusta

Baghdad Bahrain Balaclava
Balham Ballygoran Baltic Sea
Barossa Valley Barwon River Bass Strait
Bath Bathurst Battersea
Bay Of Plenty Berlin Bethle'em
Beunos Aires Boston Bridge Road
Brighton Pier Britain Bruges
Brunswick Buderim Bulgaria
Bunbury Burma Burmuda

Calcutta Camberwell Cambodia
Camden Camelot Campaspe River
Canada Canary Islands Cape Leeuwin
Cape Schanck Capri Cardinia
Carlton Carolina Carrara
Cascade Cat Cove Cayman Islands
Central Avenue Chadstone Champs Elysees
Charleville Chile Clayton
Cockatoo Island Coconut Grove Coles Bay
Collingwood Collins Street Colombo
Colorado River Cooktown Coolangatta
Cornwall Bay Corowa Costa Rica
Creswick Crete Cuba

Dalny Road Dandenong Dapto
Darwin Daylesford Deception Bay
Deer Park Deloraine Deltona
Derry Downs Dover Drury Lane
Dunkirk Dusseldorf

Eastland Edgbaston Ellenbank
Elmore Elwood England
Epsom Downs Esperance Essex
Eton Europa

Falls Creek Fiji Fishguard
Fitzroy Fitzroy Fleet Street Flinders
Flinders Street Fujiama

Garden Island Gatton Georgia
Gilligan's Island Glenrowan Goulburn River
Grampians Gundagai

Half Moon Bay Halls Creek Hanging Rock
Harford Street Harrogate Hastings
Hawkesbury Haymarket Heathrow
Henley Hindmarsh Hobart
Hobsons Bay Honduras

Illinois Indian Ocean Indianapolis
Ireland Isle Of Majorca Istanbul

Jakarta Java Jenolan
John O'Groats

Kalgoorlie Kew King Island
Kingsway Kirra Beach Kirribilli
Kooyong Road

Lake Charlotte Lake District Lake Ontario
Lake St Clair Lakes Entrance Lalor
Latvia Launceston Le Mont Blanc
Leamington Road Lismore Liverpool
Loire Valley Loch Laird Londonderry
Longreach Lourdes

Madagascar Madras Madrid
Majorca Malta Malvern
Manitoba Maroubra Martin Place
Maslins Beach Mataranka Melrose Street
Merimbula Merthyr Metung
Miami Mindi Beach Mindil Beach
Minnesota Mission Beach Mississippi River
Montego Bay Montville Mordialloc
Moruya Moruya Bay Morwell
Mossman Mount Everest Mt Olympia
Mt Townsend Munich Murray Bridge

Nagano Narrabeen Nazareth
Nelson Bay New Hampshire Newport
Newtown New York Nobbys Beach
Norfolk Island North Dakota North Road
Norway Norwich Nowa Nowa

Oakleigh Oakwood Odense
Odessa Ohio Orleans

Pacific Highway Panama Pantheon
Peakhurst Penola Penshurst
Persian Gulf Phoenix Piermont
Piraeus Pluto Point Nelson
Port Campbell Port Headland Port Macquarie
Portland Portugal Prussia

Randwick Ravenswood Renmark
Reynella Richmond Riversdale Road
Rockbank Rockdale Rosstown
Rotorua Runaway Bay Rundle Mall

Saddlers Creek Sahara Saigon
Salerno Salt Lake City Samoa
San Antonio Scone Scotland Yard
Scottsdale Seaford Seaforth
Sedgewick Serpentine Seymour
Shatin Sherborne Siberia
Sion Singapore Sistine Chapel
Skye Sorrento South Grafton
Southgate Southport Soviet Union
Springfield St Andrews St Martin's Lane
Stalingrad Staten Island Stonnington
Stuttgart Sunbury Sussex
Suva Swan Reach Swansea
Swinburne Sydney City Sydney Harbour

Taggerty Tamar Tamar Valley
Tashkent The Pentagon Thursday Island
Tiger Bay Timboon Toorak
Toorak Road Tower Bridge Trafalgar
Tripoli Tullamarine Tumut
Tunisia Turin Turnberry

Ukraine Uluru

Van Dieman's Land Versailles Vicarage Gate
Victor Harbour Victoria Park Vietnam

Washington Waverly Weipa
Wellington Wembley West End
Westminster Abbey Wilga Road William Street
Williamstown Willoughby Wimbledon
Wilsons Promontory Winchester Bay

Yale York Street

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Horses named after first or given names

Abraham Adam Adel Marie
Albert Alexander Alf
Alfie Alfred Algernon
Ali Amadeus Amelia Kate
Angus Annette Annie
Antoinette Archibald Archie
Aristotle Ashlyn Assumpta
Athenia Audrey Audrey Ann
Augustus Austin

Barbara Barbara Ann Barry
Belle Bernado Bertha
Bertie Beryl Bianca
Billy Billy Jo Blair
Bob Brendan Brenna
Brian Britney Brucey
Bruno Bryan Bullmore

Cade Calista Calvin
Carl Carla Joy Carolyn
Catherine Rose Cathy Cedrick
Chanelle Christian Christina
Cindy Sue Clark Claudia
Clive Carmine Coco
Conan Condoleezza Corinne
Conrad Courtney

Dagmar Damon Daniel
Danni Danny Delilah
Delvene Demi Deni
Denis Denise Dermot
Derrick Dion Diana
Donald Dorian Dorothy

Ebony Ed Edmond
Edmundo Eduardo Edward
Effie Eldrick Elise
Elizabeth Therese Ella Elliot
Elroy Elsie Elvis Aaron
Emile Emily Grace Emma
Emmett Emmitt Emmylou
Eric Erin Errol
Ethan Ethel Ethel May
Eugene Eustace Eva

Fanny Ferdinand Fernando
Fidel Fiona Fred

Gai Garth Geldof
Georgia Georgio Gerald
Germaine Gerrard Gigi
Ginger Glenn Greg
Gretchen Guy Gwendolyn

Hannah Harvey Heather
Helen Hilda Holly
Howard Huckleberry Huey

Ian Isaac Isadora

Jacque Jade Louise Janet
Jannine Jarrod Jean
Jean Claude Jebediah Jeffrey
Jennifer Jessie Jethro
Jimbob Joanie Johan
Johanna John Jon Paul
Jordan Joseph Josephene
Josh Joshua Michael Josiah
Judith Denise Judy Julianne
Julian Julius Justin

Kate Emma Kathie Lea Katie
Katie Jane Kel Ken
Kenneth Kimmy Kirsty

Larnie Lawrence Lenny
Leo Leonard Leonardo
Leroy Lil Lilly Mae
Lindrum Lindy Liza
Lizbeth Lleyton Lloyd
Lois Emily Lola Lorelei
Louis Lucas Ludwig
Luigi Luke Luther

Madeline Madge Mahatma
Malcolm Marcelo Maree
Maria Mark Robert Marjorie
Marlene Mary Angela Matilda
Matthew James Maud Maurice
Mavis Max Melvin
Mervyn Mick Mitch
Mollie Mollie May Morris
Morton Moses Murgatroyd

Natalie Ned Nellie
Nellie Sue Nelly Neville
Nicholas Nigella

Obama Olga Olivia
Ollie Oswald Otis

Pamela Patric Patrice
Patricia Catherine Paula Louise Peggy Eileen
Peggy Sue Percy Peter
Phillippe Phoebe Pierre
Poindexter Pontius Portia

Ralph Randolph Raphael
Ray Raylene Rebecca
Rebecca Lea Reggie Reginald
Riannon Ricardo Ronaldo
Roseanne Ruben Ruby Flo
Ruby Joy Rufus Rupert

Sabrina Sam Sammy
Sarah Sue Scarlet Sean
Sebastien Selma Sergio
Seymour Sharon Sheridan
Sibyl Sigrid Simone
Sinead Stan Stanley
Stanley John Stella Stella Maree
Stephen Stevie Sudaam
Sven Sylvia

Tabetha Teresa Theador
Thelma May Theresa Timmy
Tina Tracey Tyler

Vikki Vincent Virgil
Viv Vivienne

Wallace Wally Walt
Waylon Wendy William
Winifred Winnie Winona
Winston Woodrow

Yvonne Yvonne Marie

Zane Zdenka Zeigfried


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Horses named after people's surnames

Albright Amani Andersen
Appleby Arbuckle Ashton

Baldock Bardot Beadman
Belushi Benatar Bennett
Bertrand Bevan Biggs
Birchmore Blair Blanchet
Blofeld Bobbitt Bogart
Bond Bosnich Botticelli
Boyd Brabham Bradman
Brassel Brereton Brittas
Brownless Brownlow Buffett

Callahan Campbell Carson
Cartier Castro Chaplin
Chapman Clifford Cocker
Confucius Connelly Connick
Cosgrove Costanza Costner
Cougan Coulthard Cousteau
Cowdrey Crenshaw Crocker

De Gaulle Denton Depardieu
Devito Dickens Dillinger
Dittman Dokic Donovan
DR Mannix Duchovny Dunstall
Duval Dylan

Edison Elliot Emery

Fagan Fairfax Famechon
Fangio Fawkes Fenech
Flatley Fogarty Fonzarelli
Foster Freeman Frodo Baggins

Gagarin Gainsford Taylor Gardner
Garibaldi Geldof Getty
Gillespie Gilligan Goldstein
Goodman Goolagong Gorborchov
Guthrie Grimshaw Griswald

Halifax Hamilton Hancock
Hanks Harada Hathaway
Hawke Hawkins Hayden
Helpmann Hemingway Hendrix
Hester Higgins Hilton
Hoad Hoover Houlahan
Howard Hoysted Hume


Jackman Jacovic Jagger
Jones Jordan

Kafelnikov Kasparov Kelly
Kennedy Kennett Kernaghan
Kipling Knopfler Kravitz

Ladd Landy Lansell
Lanza Larson Lasseter
Laver Lawson Ledger
Leggett Lenin Lennon
Leno Lewinski Lindrum
Liston Lohan Longmore

MacQueen Major Mandela
Marcos Marples Marx
Matlock Mawson McCartney
McCubbin McEnroe McGill
McGilvray McGuire McKenna
McNamara Meckiff Meldrum
Menuhin Mercurio Midler
Minelli Minogue Miss Beachly
Miss Keaton Miss Kournikova Mister Elliot
Mister Murdoch Monash Moneghetti
Mr Atlas Mr Boone Mr Chips
Mr Collins Mr Cosgrove Mr Dittman
Mr Donaldson Mr Edison Mr Hawke
Mr Healy Mr Hoover Mr Hornblower
Mr Jones Mr Lawson Mr Lister
Mr Melba Mr Mundine Mr Murphy
Mr O'Brien Mr O'Malley Mr Reagan
Mr Ruxton Mr Sampras Mr Spielberg
Mr Travolta Mrs Cruise

Neeson Newman Newton
Nicklaus Niven Norton

O'Donnell Offenbach Olazabal
Olivier O'Shea

Pacino Pavlova Pitman
Pollock Ponting Puccini

Rainier Rembrandt Ripley
Robson Roccecheilli Rockefeller
Rodin Royce Rubic

Samson Schumann Scorsese
Secombe Seinfeld Sellers
Sheedy Shelley Sinclair
Skilton Smithers Sobers
Socrates Sorenstam Spargo
Spasski Sterling Stevens
Stubbs Stynes Swaggart

Templer Templeton Tolkien
Tredrea Truman Tuddenham


Van Gogh Villeneuve Vizard
Von Richthofen

Wallace Watson Waugh
Whelan Wilkinson Winchell

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Horses named after characters etc

Abfab Edina Agent Eightysix Agent Scully
Aladdin Andre The Giant Aphrodite

Baby Spice Baldrick Barbie
Barney Gumble Barney Rubble Beatle
Ben Hur Betelguese Betty Boop
Biggles Bilbo Black Douglas
Blackbeard Blade Runner Bluey And Curly
Bond Booboo Borat
Brer Fox Brosnan Brown Dirt Cowboy
Bruce Almighty Bugsy Malone Bullwinkle

Captain Avery Captain Bligh Chewbacca
Chicken Little Chief Crazy Horse Claudius
Clockwork Orange Cool Hand Luke Copernicus
Cosmo Kramer

Dagwood Dalziel Damocles
Darth Vader Doctor Evil Dr Freeze
Dr Harry Dr Kimble Dr Livingston
Dracula Droopy Dudley Do Right
Duke Of Wellington

El Cid Eltonjon Emmapeel

Family Guy Felix The Cat Fergie
Figaro Fighting Harada Flintstone
Frankenstein Franz Josef Friends

Gelignite Jack General Eisenhower General Macarthur
General Patton Ghandi Ghengis Khan
Ghostbusters Gilligan Ginger Spice
Goldie Hawn Good Samaritan Gordon Gekko
Gorgeous George Great White Shark Grumpy

Hagar The Horrible Halifax Handel
Hannibal Hannibal Lecter Hiawatha
Hill Street Blues Hogan's Hero Honky Tonk Woman
Huckleberry Finn

Irma La Deuce

Jagger Jane Jetson Jasper Carrot
Jethro Tull Jiminy Joan Of Arc
Joe Blow Joe Dirt Jumping Jack Flash

Karate Kid Kermit Kid Galahad
King Charles King Tut Kojak

Lady Chatterley Lady Diana Lex Luthor
Little Bo Peep Little Britain Little Pattie
Little Richard Lord Lucan Louie The Fly

Madam Toussaud Mama Bear Marshall Earp
Michelangelo Midas Mini Me
Miss Crabopple Miss Goldie Hawn Miss Harlow
Mister Hankey Moby Dick Moll Flanders
Momma Cass Moses Mother Goose
Mowglii Mr Aristos Mr Big
Mr Bond Mr Garrison Mr Potato Head
Mr Spielberg Muriel's Wedding

Nebuchadnezzar Neo Noddy

Obe Wan Kenobi Ol' Blue Eyes Old Shep
Oliver Twist Orca Othello

Pacman Patch Adams Pebbles
Peter The Great Philip Of Spain Pimpernel
Pink Floyd Pluto Prince Of Wales
Prince Frederik Prince Vilhelm Princess Caroline
Princess Grace Princess Leila Princess Margaret
Puffnstuff Punxsutawney Phil Puss In Boots

Queen Bodicea

Radar O'Reilly Rain Man Red Dwarf
Red Buttons Reverend Lovejoy Richie Rich
Robin Of Sherwood Rob Roy Rocky Balboa
Rove Russell Quoit

Saint Aloysius Saint MacKillop Samson
Sandystone Sergeant Gilroy Sherlock
Shrek Sideshow Bob Sipowicz
Sir Donald Sir Elton Sir Les
Slim Shady Smithers Snappy Tom
Snoopy Sonic D'Hedgehog Speedy Gonzales
Spin City Spock Sponge Bob
St Benedict St Ignatius Stan Getz
Starsky Steely Dan Steppenwolf
Steptoe Storm Boy Supertramp

Terminator The Big Bopper The Fonz
The Hobbit The Jackal The Lion King
The Riddler The Tin Man The Wiggles
The Woodies Three Tenors Torvill 'n' Dean
Toulouse Lautrec Trapper John Troy Dan

Ulysses Uncle Scrooge

Van Halen

Warney Wolfman Jack Woody Woodpecker



Zaccheus Zeppo Zhivago

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